Mamhead Slipway

Conservatives Mamhead start 7 March 2015 no 107 compressedWORK NOW UNDER WAY ON A £1.2 million BOOST FOR RESORT’S WATER USERS 

Members of the Conservative Group on EDDC and Exmouth Town Council saw for themselves how work is progressing on the new £1.2 million Mamhead Slipway when they visited the project on Monday (7 March). 

Pictured are (left to right): Brian Bailey, Bill Nash, John Humphreys, Jill Elson and Pauline Stott.

The first task of contractors Raymond Brown Construction Ltd is to clear the Mamhead Gardens area to the side of the existing slipway, which will allow towing vehicles and trailers to manoeuvre, making access to the new ramp easier. The old slipway will be dismantled in late April, so building of a re-aligned slipway can take place through the summer. 

The small group who met on Monday  – and their Conservative colleagues – are delighted that work on the new facility is under way after the project was programmed to avoid disturbing overwintering birds. 

Their feelings were summed up by Pauline Stott, a long-standing district councillor who also chairs Exmouth Town Council’s Regeneration and General Purposes Committee. She said: “We’re so pleased to see that work has started on this project and we’re hoping it will be finished by the target date of autumn this year – weather permitting. 


“This is another example of Conservatives leading the way in the regeneration of Exmouth – and investing in the town to make it a more attractive resort for visitors and other investors. 

“There were doubters when we and our partners upgraded The Strand – but the town centre is more vibrant as a result. There was opposition to the closure of the Elizabeth Hall – but now it is the site of a thriving Premier Inn – and one that has the hotel industry talking. 

“Even now there are doubters over our Queen’s Drive plans – but the community has already had a good deal of influence on the proposals and there WILL be further consultation. We are determined to create a year-round leisure offering with appeal to families and people of all ages, whatever the weather. 

“Now we have made a start on the slipway – which is going to be a huge attraction to water users and will put Exmouth on the map for sailing, kite-surfing and other water-sports enthusiasts. So to the doubters I would say – ‘Conservatives are driving change for the better of Exmouth and for the district overall. We are delivering on our promises and the improvements are already bearing fruit’. 

“The Mamhead Slipway project means that Conservative EDDC is continuing to invest money and effort in Exmouth, which is a huge vote of confidence in the town and its hard-core businesses. As Exmouth continues to thrive and grow, we will see more interest from other investors and it will become a virtuous circle of investment and growth”.