Funding of Exmouth Community College

20161115_091009Exmouth Community College as an Academy is registered as a Charity and is funded directly by Department of Education through the Education Funding Agency(EFA). We are monitored by the EFA on a very regular basis as well as being independently audited and our accounts can be seen on the College website. As Chair of Governors I meet Mr Alexander every week. If anything is urgent extra meetings are added or phone calls.

The College receives funding in various categories. We were very disappointed by the Government Funding review and were informed at the last week of term that we would have reduced funding of £79,000 under the new formula. I have written to our MP, Sir Hugo Swire on behalf of all the Governors.

We are also very concerned at the Devon County Council shortfall in the ‘High Needs Block’ funding for those young people who qualify based on their individual assessment for their ‘Education Health Care Package’. As a member of the ‘Devon Education Forum’ I, along with others on the forum vote against the suggestion by the DCC officers to reduce funding to every school by £55 per pupil(meeting held on 19 October 2016 available on DCC website). In the case of Exmouth Community College this will be approximately £120,000 with immediate effect. Devon County Council Cabinet may make a decision at its meeting in January. I have also raised this with our MP Sir Hugo Swire.

It is important for everyone to know that we have the same pressures on our budgets as small businesses and our grant from the EFA is fixed by them based on the number of students counted in January. We have, during the past year and ongoing  also had the following increases in our budget expenditure of the following:

  • Implications of the National Living Wage
  • Increased National Insurance contributions
  • Introduction Apprenticeship Levy
  • Increased teacher pension contributions plus further increases planned for 2019
  • Falling demographics
  • Reduction to the Education Services Grant and indeed the total loss of ESG in 2017/18
  • Address the maintenance backlog
  • Cash flat budgets
  • Absorb staff increments and inflationary increases
  • Potential increases to Local Government Pension Scheme contributions as a result of the current review being undertaken
  • Reductions to Post 16 funding
  • Increased costs due to high level instances of Mental Health issues growing within schools

Jill Elson