EDDC Housing

St Andrews Road Exm DSC_0181History

2013 – Housing Enabling Officer started to explore the possibility of the Council providing accommodation for single people in a shared house. The need for this kind of accommodation had been shown to exist in the Exmouth area.

June 2013 – proposal put to Housing Review Board and accepted

End of 2013 – suitable house in Exmouth (large Victorian terrace) identified and purchased with a view to refitting with six ensuite bedrooms, and shared kitchen and dining facilities.

2014/15 – careful thought went into the design for the project .  Always planned to refit to high thermal efficiency level but idea of retrofitting to equivalent of passivhaus standards developed later


We have used commuted sum monies from other developments in Exmouth and right to buy receipts

What we hope to achieve

  • A unit of shared accommodation which would set an example of high standards and good management for similar properties in the area such as private sector HMOs
  • Provision of bedroom/ensuite accommodation in a shared house for 6 people
  • Meeting demands for accommodation for single people of working age
  • Retrofitting to high thermal efficiency to keep bills etc to a minimum

How will accoSt Andrews Road SharedHouse 2016mmodation be allocated

  • Through Devon Home Choice and interview
  • Accommodation for single people aged approximately 20-55, with no support needs
  • Accommodation will be let on a licence and there will be clear house rules which must be followed